Prepare for CONEXPO Latin America 2019

The CONEXPO Latin America 2019 stand at Expo EDIFICA 2017 provided attendee information on the following topics. Explore for yourself and:

Learn more about the construction equipment trade show returning to Santiago Chile October 2019
Listen to recorded Tech Talk Sessions
See the creation story of Project AME
Discover the future jobs for the construction industry

The CONEXPO Latin America Stand included

The Story of Project AME:

See the creation of the world’s first fully functioning, 3D-printed construction excavator come to life through storyboards of AME’s creation.


Provide your email address to watch the presentations of 9 on-demand speakers from CONEXPO-CON/AGG’s Tech Experience on the following new technologies for the construction industry:

1. BIM – What Everyone Should Know
By: JB Knowledge
Topic: 3D model-based process

2. Drone Panel (without presentation)
By: Multiple Speakers
Topic: Drones

3. The Connected Jobsite
By: Doosan Bobcat
Topic: Telematics/IoT

4. Wearables Show
Topic: Wearables

5. HoloLens
By: Microsoft
Topic: Augmented Reality (AR) headset

6. Human Augmentation
By: EKSO Bionics
Topic: Exoskeleton

7. Robots on the Construction Site
Topic: Robotics

8. Gamification & Operator Behavior
By: Telogis
Topic: Data-driven motivational techniques

9. Smart Environmental Responsive Materials: Living Concrete
By: Henk Jonkers Delft University
Topic: Materials

Future Jobs for the Construction Industry:

Technology is rapidly integrating with the construction equipment you use every day at the worksite. Jobs will evolve to keep up with these industry changes.

Intelligent Jobsite Simulated Operations Manager

Big Data Scientist

Telepresence Machine Pilot

Smart Site Safety and Security Controller

AR/VR Training Specialist

Future Technology Integrator
Discover more about each of these six future jobs.

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