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Why Should Your Company Exhibit?

The show will attract qualified buyers from all over Latin America.

It’s the first show in the region with attendee leads available to exhibitors.

Outstanding customer service.

Organized, efficient logistics and AEM’s years of show management experience.

Sales and marketing support before, during, and after the event.

Manufacturers set the direction of the show and call the shots.

Business Opportunities in Latin America

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CONEXPO Latin America grants you access to thousands of buyers in this rapidly growing region. This exhibition returns to Latin America and is managed by the industry, for the industry based on the CONEXPO model.

Indoor raw space (minimum: 21 m²).

Basic indoor stan (minimum: 9 m²).

Equipped indoor stand (minimum: 9 m²).

Fully Equipped indoor stand (minimum: 9 m²).

Outdoor space (minimum: 50 m²).

Assignment of Exhibit Space

The Priority Formula is used in the assignment of exhibit space.

Definition of Years of Membership: Show management chooses the company/division with the greatest number of years as an AEM member. An exhibitor must be a current member in good standing with AEM in order to have its years of membership used in calculating the membership number.

Definition of Past Participation Number: Show Management uses the total square meters purchased by an exhibitor for CONEXPO Latin America 2015. If a company acquired another company(s), the parent company can use the newly acquired company(s) space.

(Consecutive Years of AEM Membership x 10) + (Square Meters for CONEXPO Latin America 2015 ÷ 10) = Priority Number

*CONEXPO Latin America dealers will receive the same benefits as AEM members. Any dealer carrying (one of more) AEM member brands, will received the (years of membership) benefits, referent to that brand. Situations when a dealer carries more than one AEM member brand, the longest membership brand will be the one used for this calculation.

Exhibit Space Assignment Process

Exhibitors who submit the application and deposit prior to August 3, 2018 will be a part of the Priority Assignment Process. The order of space selection will be based on the above mentioned priority formula. Each priority exhibitor will be given a date/time to be contacted by show management to select their space location. Every attempt will be made to accommodate exhibitor space requests.

Applications received after August 3, 2018 will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis by Exhibition Management and must be accompanied by a 50% deposit in order to be assigned space.


If your company is interested in the additional services that a country pavilion can offer, you can find more information and your direct contact below.
North American Pavillion

Visitor Profile

CONEXPO Latin America is an event for professionals in the construction, mining, and forestry sectors:

* Public and private sector contractors and engineers
* Fleet and project managers
* Entrepreneurs, investors, and executives
* Sales and marketing managers
* Equipment operators and technicians
* Government and academic representatives

CONEXPO Latin America expects thousands attendees from all over Latin America, who will be able to interact directly with key stakeholders and technical specialists in the construction sector.

Show Preparation

Exhibit Sales Team

If you need to talk with a sales representative, please contact us:
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Association of Equipment Manufacturers
+56 2 453 0720
+56 09 9489 4432
United States
Association of Equipment Manufacturers
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Association of Equipment Manufacturers
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