Media Information

We are happy to provide a variety of pre-show and onsite services to media, including:

* Show news, logos, photos, and other information

 * Media badge that allows access to media services 

* Newsroom with work areas and access to exhibitor press kits and other information

Media Registration

Show media badges are available to editorial members of the media. The media badge allows access to the show newsroom and media services onsite.

Media registration will open with general registration. (Media status from bona fide media outlets will be checked).

Exhibitors who are media and need a media badge to access the show newsroom should also register as media.

Downloads for Media

Exhibitors Media Relations

Seeking editorial coverage can be an effective way to supplement your marketing and promotional efforts. Check the list of show supporting publications online. Exhibitors are encouraged to provide press kits to the show newsroom in print or electronic form. Exhibitors interested in holding a press conference should contact show management for room availability. Exhibitors may also hold press events in their booths (please contact show management as well). Visit the page Promote your Exhibition and the Exhibitor Services Manual for additional information on the preparation of the exhibition and its promotions.

Support the Show

The Advertising Tradeout Program provides our eligible industry publication partners with opportunities such as exhibit space, onsite distribution bins, or a special listing on the official show website, in exchange for advertising space. Contact Jennifer Gallatin ( or +1 414-298-4167).

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